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How to be Anxiously Engaged (Part 2)

December 3, 2012

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Seattle Celebrates

Post by Joseph M – See Hannah’s original post here. When President Obama won the 2008 election, Seattle took to the streets.  And I also joined the throngs of thousands of people who celebrated downtown and up on Capitol Hill.  I remember feeling encouraged and excited to be a part of the community of Americans […]

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November 22, 2012

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Kelly shows support for President Obama in Virginia

Post by Joseph M – Thanksgiving is surely a great time for reflection.  Rob’s post, Michael Otterson’s guest article in the Washington Post, and this recent post by Joanna Brooks have all caused me to think on this past election season and the part that we Mormons for Obama played in it.  I am thankful […]

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Mormonism Stayed off the Table: Thank You OFA and DNC

November 16, 2012



It’s hard to believe that the election ended less than two weeks ago. I didn’t post much the last few weeks of the campaign because I was knocking doors in Florida, and there’s one thing I must say: THANK YOU to Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee for keeping Governor Romney’s Mormonism and […]

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At End of the Campaign

November 11, 2012


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Post by Joseph M – I am still incredibly excited about last Tuesday night’s win – and I guess I’ll admit, I’ve felt no small desire to gloat.  This is partly due to the amazing amount of vitriol we’ve received in emails and comments on this website.  And now that Governor Romney has gone from that title back to Brother Romney, we’ve seen an […]

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Democratic National Convention, Day 3

September 8, 2012


Obama DNC

Post by Joseph M – The DNC is over; it is like saying goodbye to a good friend.  But before I say how much I love and respect President Obama, and how inspired I felt listening to him speak Thursday night – “like General Conference come early,” (if I can be egotistical enough to quote my own […]

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Navigating This Political Season

July 17, 2012


LDS Temple, by JRM

As the election gets closer, the media attention on the LDS Church intensifies.  This month (and this past weekend in particular) we’ve already seen an article about missionaries on Facebook, the temple garments, and the Businessweek magazine cover (an article about an article.)  None of these articles address Mitt Romney directly, but of course without his campaign, […]

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