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Democratic National Convention, Day 2

September 6, 2012


Pres Obama joins Fmr Pres Clinton on stage after Clinton's address

Post by Joseph M – Bill Clinton spoke truth this evening; the mists of darkness that covered the land have dispersed and scattered, and America’s collective memory of last week’s confusion and half-truths (and even lies) at the RNC has cleared.  Clinton solidly reviewed and dismissed the misinformation from the RNC speakers, and he highlighted Obama’s record in so many areas.  […]

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A Mormon for Obama…and Why

August 15, 2012


American flags

This guest post by “Anonymous Mormon” was originally posted on the blog, Zvirzdins at Large. It begins with this heading by Jamie Zvirzdin: As this year’s political race between Obama and Romney gains traction in the media, on social networks, in churches, and elsewhere, there are Mormons who, while having nothing against Romney personally or […]

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